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Why Balancing Your Energy Matters? (with useful strategies)!

It is so profound to be able to observe the mind. When you do that, you immediately know that you are not just the mind. It is only one of the faculties you have, but you are more than this!

What is good about it is that you are able to detach yourself from thoughts and emotions driven by them. Or choose the way you want to feel at will, if you prefer. It is all about where the focus goes. In order to make this clear distinction you have to be aware in the present moment. I have found this to be very challenging when I am tired.

It has come very clearly to my notice that whenever I reach this state my mind is likely to play tricks on me. Or even better to use my kung-fu teacher Grandmaster Sam Chin expression - the mind attacks me!

Lately I have been organizing retreats with my beloved teacher here in the United Kingdom. I have to admit, I absolutely love this work. I am very happy when students from around the globe gather together at one place for a week to see GM Sam Chin and learn the Martial Art of Awareness - Zhong Xin Dao Iliqchuan. Being around martial art family and serving the best way I can - priceless.

But there are moments of truth - that despite what we think we can do, there is only so much during the day. For instance, I consider myself to have solid and sustained energy levels without napping during the day. But intense work times require extra energy!

Those moments come to me closer to the evenings when I could not hold my attention for long. The more I felt it after everyone was gone and all those hyper activities quiet down.

Well, my mind did quite the opposite. Especially when I wanted immediately to switch back to my “perfect day” routines - nothing worked quite right.

In fact I dropped to my old patterns which do not serve me anymore. Doing things which are not urgent and not important - but still the mind finds the ways to give it value first and then attacks the very next day with a blame for what I have done!

It is hard to see this phenomenon when you relate to everything from a tired mind. It has become only obvious when you are finally able to drop from your mind!

And see it through your heart again, to reconnect back to the present moment.

For that you need to obey human nature and pay back to the body what it currently needs.

Uff…. And it feels so good to be able to do it again. Back to my perfect days and the coaching “success work”!

So what lesson have I learnt?

To rest MORE! It really matters!

Firstly, to find the time during a super busy day to calm a rushing, busy mind between activities. Something as simple as short meditation, breath work, mindful walking would work too!

Secondly, after completing a big successful task - like organizing an event in my case - celebrate with a nice spa treatment or to take a small holiday break to recharge and rejuvenate!

Balance is not the state you just have it! It’s a constant process, so keep balancing well my friends!

Wish you great success.

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