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Want to Be Forever Young? NAD Explained Easy! (with strategies how to boost it)

We are all looking for ways to feel great on a day to day basis. Not necessarily all of them support overall well being and health. I will always be the first to confess I am guilty as my nightlife and misunderstanding of basic principles of greater well being ruined my health once.

Nothing inherently wrong with that as it was a great lesson received from life to learn that I had to change!

Thanks to that time experience I began my own journey to the truth of existence - literally.

To understand the basics principles of life that meets the need that unfolds in every moment!

Here is why it is important for you too…

The Truth Who We Are

I promise not to over complicate what science tells us and what is essential to know.

In simple terms, the human body is made up of 37,2 trillion cells that replicate every second. To ensure that all processes run smoothly communication within one and between cells is needed. This would not be possible via enzymes, mainly one molecule called NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide).

In short, it is vital for cellular health, without it we would be dead in seconds. It fuel up mitochondria, the organelle inside the cells that produce energy for you, and sirtuins - protein that regulates biological pathways, protects cells from oxidative stress and help to maintain the length of telomeres (shortened telomere are linked to shorter lifespan).

Now, the time when we are born we have plenty of NAD. As life goes by, their level significantly depletes, meaning that everything from cell communication and energy production through defenses to self repair are not maintained sufficiently enough year by year.

As you may see now, NAD levels play a crucial role in your aging!

Choices We Make Matters

Our cells are constantly under stress, externally that include mold/toxins, pollution, poor sleep quality, lack of movement, alcohol, infections, etc. Also internally as a natural by-product of exchanging food for energy especially in a poor diet - like eating too much, too often, processed food etc.

Here it all comes to something called oxidative stress, which occurs as a result of imbalance between production of reactive oxygen species (free radicals) and body ability to neutralize them via antioxidants and/or repair the damage.

In other words, the poor relationships with the body end up with bad choices which then impact cells directly with their poor communication. This eventually can result in damaging your DNA, because cells become less and less efficient with defense against stressors and repairing cellular damage.

This ultimately leads to cell decay and diseases - aka aging fast and in an unhealthy way!

You do not want that really at the end, do you?

Some scientists say that it is possible to stop or even reverse this process!?

It is clear that our cells can regain the ability to defend again, become more resilient from stress and repair damaged DNA at any stage of life.


By re-establishing cell communication via boosting NAD levels. Ways to do it have become a central focus for anybody who loves life and wants to enjoy it longer (hope you are one of them)!


Greater energy production and healthier cell metabolism resulting in your greater health and longer life!

The place to start from?

Reevaluate your lifestyle and focus on how you can support that body for its optimal functioning so it can perform well for a very long time!

My suggestion - love your body and make the right choices right NOW - period!

Mice Study

Before I share the way that stimulates NAD let me share with you a profound discovery. In a study done in 2016 on mice, a control group which did not receive NAD supplements died within 5 months or less. Ones which received NAD supplements, all lived beyond 10 months and longer. This indicates clearly that NAD supplementation led to the massive improvement in lifespan!

Now the important question is, if this molecule can extend mice life by 50%, what it can do for us?

Some of the Benefits of Raising NAD Levels:

Increases Insulin Sensitivity

Reverses Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Reduces Stem Cell Senescence

Increases Life Span in Animals

Higher Amount of Physical Energy

Improvement in Mental Capacity and Performance

Reduce Sleep Deprivation and Effects of Jet Lag

Ways to Boost NAD

I hope you are at this point interested in boosting your NAD levels. There is something you can do immediately which does not cost you anything. It has been confirmed that NAD levels go up when we exercise and when we are hungry. Both resistant and aerobic training can be beneficial.

Any form of time restricted diet (intermittent fasting) or calorie restriction (prolonged fasting) works too. This is thanks to the ketones which elevate NAD levels. Those can be obtained also through a nutritional ketosis, restricting carbohydrates and/or adding MCT oil.

Dietary-wise, eating foods rich in vitamin B3 (niacin/nicotinamide) elevates NAD levels too.

Another way is supplementation with NAD precursors like NR (nicotinamide riboside) or NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) as NAD molecules are too large to enter the body. Those precursors then are being transformed in the body into NAD later in the process of methylation.

There are also intravenous (IV) NAD treatments - it is a medical procedure that delivers NAD directly to the bloodstream. Originally it was known as a treatment for alcohol and drug addiction.

I have been doing a time restricted diet in the form of intermittent fasting for a couple of years now. Recently I have also added a calorie restriction with a weekly one day water fast only. Also the majority of my days I follow a high fat low carb diet regimen in the form of cyclical nutritional ketosis - once a week I reset my metabolism with a full carb only day - all of this works perfect for me!

I am also very active. Everyday I practice my kung fu, also follow resistance and aerobic training regularly and ensure I spend enough time daily walking outside.

At the age of 47 I feel spectacular! I am in the best shape and performance of my life! Now, it will be very interesting to see how actually these protocols relate to my NAD levels.

Scientists also suggest that combination of calorie restriction, exercise and supplementation with NAD boosters have double the effect! It sounds intriguing and has triggered my attention to the point that I am going to check this out!

My Plan

I am going to do a NAD level test first. I am super curious to see the results from the lab. After that for the next 60 days without making any changes in my dietary and training regimen, I will supplement with NR (Nicotinamide Riboside - NAD booster) alongside with TMG (TriMethylGlycine - to ensure there is enough methylation for optimal NR absorption and NAD production).

After two months I retest again to see whether and to what extent that supplementation protocol boosts NAD levels for me!

Super excited about it!

Of course, I am going to share all my results, bear with me on that!

Why DoNotAge?

This is going to be possible thanks to Do Not Age - health research organization. I have decided to partner with them because their mission is to extend the healthy lifespan for as many people as possible - which highly resonates also with my heart as a coach.

They use their profit to fund further research of longevity. Their supplements are of the highest quality and still keep their price as low as possible to make them affordable for everyone. Also what is important, tests which are purchased from them are being held in independent labs in Switzerland so you can be sure the results are genuine.

If you are interested in purchasing their products please use this link:

Also too receive 10% discount at check out use the coupon code FREEDOM

The Caveat

To live longer you would better ensure you are enjoying life experience on a day to day basis. If this is not the case just so you know I am always happy to show you how to improve the quality of your life right away.

I assure you, that there is a lot you can do right now to make the change instantaneously if that is your wish?

At the end of the day you are the one who is in charge of the way you feel!

Also point to remember is that longevity is not only about length of life but also includes greater health that reflects on your everyday performance.

Studies in boosting NAD levels that support cognitive and physical performance as we age are promising. Healthy aging is not a secret anymore reserved only to few. It can also be your reality.

When is better than NOW to start making the right choices and enjoy this process called life?


NAD+ Replenishment Improves Lifespan and Healthspan in Ataxia Telangiectasia Models via Mitophagy and DNA Repair:

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