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What Are You Waiting For?

Have you noticed that the way we live is as if we would be here forever? Not attaining to things we matter most, instead doing things which do not matter. Keeping distracted and settling down for short term satisfaction? To feel OK and mark just another day?

I certainly was one example of it. That became the habitual loop which made me stuck for years. I kinda knew what I was supposed to be doing but I always have found the reason why not to. Tomorrow is another day, so I will do it then. Sounds familiar?

But then the time is ticking…

The Time

Time - the only asset that we all have despite diversities. And it is good to remember that we are on this planet for a limited time only. But still I had that sort of belief that others only pass away and I somehow do not. Again, this probably sounds familiar right?

The truth is we all know when this is going to end.

I am not saying that to freak anyone here out.

I am saying that to finally take action towards your greatness.

You have that potential within you already, let it speak through and guide you!

I have recently heard a quote from Jim Kwik, a concept of life which I really liked. Life stands for letter C between letters B and D. B stands for Birth, D for Death. C are the Choices we make in between.

Those choices are driven from the state we are in every given moment! It can be either driven by our past or present experiences.

Unfortunately our default setting is that from the past…

The Story

Whenever we respond from the HEAD to think our way through that comes from the past. This is kinda how we got taught to encounter anything in life.

So for example - something did not work, I did not like it so I made the story around it why not to do it again - eg. it's unpleasant so I reject that!

This is how we build the resistance between self and life based on preferences of the conditioned mind.

And we tend to avoid things that in our mind are scary and uncomfortable!

So the story goes somewhere between lines - I am not good enough, I am likely to fail, I have nothing to share, I am too young, I am too old etc…

How about this one - what others would say about me? Especially if I fail? Horror is made instantly and freezes up before any action is made! I bet a lot of us can relate to this, am I right?

This one is a great example I had for a long time - I am Polish living in the UK so I cannot be successful over here. Also one of my defaults from my anxiety disorder days - After I had my painful experience with a panic attack, what if I go to the same places would this happen again? Without realizing I was only attracting more panic attacks to come this way.

Breaking the Loop

What stops us from taking action and living our best life is FEAR. And this as we just learnt comes from a conditioned mind only. It is only how the mind perceives what is in front of us. In reality, apart of course from life threatening situations there is in fact no such thing.

Do not believe me, just check it for yourself.

Whatever you experience right now, put your focus there and drop through it. What do you notice? What is there really?

Whatever your experiences are, it is just feedback, an invitation to discover the underlying issue for your good self. An opportunity to connect rather than escape and dissolve the resistance within that separates you from life.

A portal to be back present and fully available here and now in order to be and to flow smoothly with life!

This is the way to free from the conditioned mind and embrace life to its fullest expression!

My invitation to you is to start to live, love and share every moment consciously from your integrity.

And just notice, every time you do that - you are not waiting!

Happy Discoveries <3

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