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Newcastle Australia


My Deepest Passion is to Support People Like You on the Way Towards Liberation - to Restore Flow of Life and to Become Free Being Thriving Through Life Full of Fulfilment

"You Deserve to Experience Life Flowing Through You Freely"

Thinking Man

You Do NOT Need to Suffer Anymore!

FLOW is the natural way of being - as opposed to 'resistance' which is created only in your mind. In every given moment we have our inner experience for which we need to create a safe passage in order to FLOW it through the bodily system - mind you, you cannot experience what is outside, only inside. When you are FLOWING with your experience, aka letting go of your significant thoughts which occupy your attention, what remains is where you want to be at all times. You just tap into a sense of FREEDOM, your natural state of being or your 'home' - if you prefer, which is always available and waiting for you!


When you go about your day you meet challenges. Your job is to monitor your inner experience and check if there is any resistance there or just FREE FLOWING.

To be totally FREE there should be no sign of resistance - my all time biggest challenge was fear! 


Ultimately you are going to discover that what separates you from life is your own mind only. And to be FULFILLED in life, whatever stands on the way (your own resistance - in my case fear) need to be dissolved and transformed through the inner work to reach out your desired outcome!


The true HAPPINESS is to FLOW - openly, freely and fully - with anything that life throws at you!!! Just imagine this for a second...

Therefore everything is a gift - to learn, let go of past judgements and to move on!

So let’s find out together what stops you to live your life at fullest of your potential!

Are you ready for next step?

I Offer Freedom Coaching Programs for Person Who is Deeply Committed to the Process of Inner-Transformation and Who is Willing to be Liberated by Life

How does it work?

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Initial Freedom Coaching Session

Your first complimentary
30 minutes session is free

session length.png

Session Length

Sessions are up to 60 minutes

ongoing calls.png

Ongoing Calls

Sessions are performed
over Zoom or phone


Dr Mark Atkinson. Founder of the Human Potential Institute

“Irek is a conscious, skilled Coach who can guide you home to Freedom.”

Nancy Watterson, Ph.D., Associate Professor of American Studies.
Cabrini University. Radnor, PA/USA

"Irek - so inspired by your outstanding coaching - tailored, personal, motivational! The insights you’ve provided me with are helping me transform my life - physically, mentally, emotionally. Your Freedom Coaching is truly a holistic oasis: from the workshops I’ve taken, to the international support via Zoom meeting spaces, to resources shared via email - all nourish and sustain my process of being and becoming. Heartfelt gratitude."

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