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My Story

“People think stories are shaped by people…when in fact it is often the other way around!” – Terry Pratchett

At the age of 24 I found myself in intensive care. This was a consequence of several years self-medication with alcohol, drugs, and the life I lived at the surface. My everyday life was about to chase a false projection of happiness, without realising how ignorant or deceitful I became to my body and others. Eventually it led me to my total breakdown - spiritually (feeling lost, no purpose), physically (weak, unfit), mentally (low self-belief & self-esteem, no-clarity), emotionally (fear of death, feeling disconnected).


This experience ultimately was the most profound experience of my life.

It has shaped me and my direction and the person I am today. 

It has initiated the journey into depth… painful, challenging, revelatory, liberatory. 


I embarked upon this journey of self-discovery, and ultimately came to appreciate that I have been gifted this body and mind vehicle, and it had been working against me rather than for me.

Firstly, I was moved to eastern approach of body-mind know-how, so I developed a level of mastery in meditation, qi gong (chi kung) and internal martial arts. Lately I have become deeply interested in principles of bio-hacking - how we can take control of our biology, psychology and environment. 


The journey has been profoundly transformative and I have come to a deep realisation, that I am here to support others who are also on the same path of inner-transformation.

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