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Can You See It?

There is something we all have access to. The power of imagination! We certainly have an image of how we would love to be in this life. The true blueprint always comes from the heart. But do we really follow it? Are we aware of it first and foremost? Could possibly we give up too early as current conditions are not really there to support it? Or maybe we share that vision with others who are not really cheering us up - telling us to stop dreaming or that this is simply impossible.

Now, the same power can also work against you!

We really need to be careful what image we create about ourselves and where the source comes from. Why?

Because actions that follow will be aligned with that vision!

Like I talked in the last post about the vision of me living to the fullest and seeing me ending life by 40! And it nearly happened…

From that moment I understand that you can get what you wish for!

Now that was obviously based on the false projections that I have created by modeling the wrong blueprint from those around me. My total breakdown was the moment of truth though.

It was the invitation to become awake at last and choose the right path. Day by day, I have worked first to recover from the past mistakes and then stepping to my true potential. Now I'm looking forward to what else is possible for me.

Life has become a beautiful experience - a very powerful one! And I would wish everybody to have the same!

Let me tell you what I see. I see myself over 100 years old, as a kung fu master, physically active and in a good shape, not only being able to climb up stairs without support, picking up and carrying some heavy stuff but also doing it with great vitality fueled by a sharp brain with a healthy body.

On the way there I also see myself as a world class coach who supports thousands to live equally to their potentials and achieve heights beyond their imagination!

Now, this blueprint requires daily routines to support that vision. They are already in place!

Based on what I do I suggest:

  • Everyday connect with your heart! Do not give up on your vision! This is something you and only you can see. Do not seek approval as if it is right or wrong. Nobody else ever can understand your entire perspective - only you know why you want it!

  • See it vividly everyday and allow your daily actions to be aligned with it!

  • Do not expect anything but appreciate. Simply enjoy the process!

With the right vision you will flow through it with ease even in face of challenges!

This will become the driving force on the way to be unstoppable!

Because there is nothing you cannot be or achieve!

I challenge you! What can you see? Feel free to share yours!

Happy Discoveries <3

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