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Way of the Heart!

There is a very strong source of power within you! It is much stronger than any fear you might have. Often used to say that the head fears, but the heart knows. This is why head will always distract you and take your attention away from what matters most

Head is simply a synonym of egoic mind. Concept which was created when we were very young to keep us safe, but in adulthood it does not serve us anymore. This safety mechanism only keeps us small. Head becomes a safe place to escape every time when we turn from life calling. But this is in fact how we turn off the ability to grow and reach out for what we have ever dreamed of.

Every time we choose the head over the heart this shut the door to the latter - we become more and more disconnected from life, the meaning and purpose, more isolated from self and others.

That way we only disempower and poison the heart!

I know for a fact that - things like no clarity over where I am going, being miserable, weak, angry, frustrated, depressed were not strange to me.

My list was long and sad…

I do not know how you, but I do not want to live like that anymore!

I do not want to live in the head, this sudo safety place, the mind-made prison!

I know I have a choice - I sense it and tap to this potent energy source everyday and do not wish to go back!

I choose to be free from the past and follow my heart as long as it beats!

This is my path!

What is yours?

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