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Why Do I Meditate? It Saved Me!

My intention as it is now is to be present! That is why I meditate daily to train/program my brain and observe the mind! There are endless benefits from this practice alone. I will concentrate here on its essence as I understand it. This practice has nothing to do with faith or religion.

By choosing to be aware, you understand that you are not your mind nor your thoughts.

Sounds trivial, but how many of us can really experience that?

The truth is there is a very distinctive difference between just thinking and knowing that you are thinking. What comes to me naturally as an analogy is the rotating stormy cyclone clouds and its eye respectively. Depending where you are, the outcome will be very different!

In the first scenario, thoughts are like the reality. It is hard to see the truth though that storm. Not a big deal if they are uplifting, someone can say. But what if they are harmful and self-destructive to the extent as it was for me? Not fun at all! The worst part is that you believe in whatever mind projects. That keeps your focus constantly on the stuff you want to avoid. And because your mind is set this way and goes there, the energy flows too! Your own mind works against you! This is exactly how I was “attracting” my panic attacks. It became a self fulfilling prophecy.

Same principle applies to positive intentions. So one can be by doing so in a much better place already. But from my perspective, being positive may not be enough. For instance, when I was going out to meet friends it was a great idea, but drinking late to the point I did not remember anything - not necessarily. I just did not know another way of feeling joy that time to be honest. The suffering on the next day was a necessity I guess or whatever strange reasoning I had. Things are very different now!

The missing part is the integrity which happens in the second scenario. When you begin to see, you don’t harm yourself or anyone else - it just doesn't make any sense! Suffering does not exist here!

Instead, you make conscious choices, you become more and more connected to what matters most and living from here. When you are in that state, you experience elevation in your mood and wellness. Just being is a great energy source itself! Not to mention it should be a natural state for us as human beings - we are not being called human thinkers, aren’t we?!

If I could share only one thing with the entire world that would be meditation. This is my greatest wish to everyone! I really want you to experience that too!

If you are interested and want to join me live (or rewatch it later) you can do it here. I am live every Monday 6.30 am BST until further notice.

Come and experience how it feels to connect to your true self!

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