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Are You into Health and Longevity too?

Everything changes as life goes by, in many cases it can be turnaround, as it was for me!

Let me tell you a short story…

I clearly remember a time when my focus was to make the most of life and enjoy it totally. The best way I knew was to party - in my student's era it was almost every day! I also remember telling myself that in order to live and be happy till my last day, I want to live a maximum of 40 years! Why would I say that?

That time I associated joy as something you can have at an early stage of life only…

From what I saw around me being an elder did not look quite entertaining and very welcoming to me. I only saw sadness, gray, pain, sickness and lots of problems and stress from everyday life. I grew up in Poland in times of communism that obviously had a massive impact on the picture I have created - with respect and blessings to all I saw and learned about it from. It was not a happy era as people did not have many choices. It is very hard to build sustainable happiness from a scarce place.

Making myself happy through drinking and getting stoned was not a conscious choice of course. And like from those you usually become a very ignorant person to your own body!

And my body had enough quite early… thankfully!

I have almost accomplished what I was asking for at the age of 24 (if you have been following me you know what happened)! Then I got really scared by thinking that this is the end. My belief system was destroyed in a split of a second! My mind was not ready to accept a new reality.

This is not what I wanted! Where is my happiness I was asking? Even friends were affirming this saying that I am not as happy as I used to be… obviously!

No, that was not the way to be happy. I learnt my lesson. I realized in that moment that to be truly happy you need a healthy mind and a healthy body! And to surrender and live from “what is” and not only what I was thinking about it based on my preferences.

From then this has become my drive force! Now I can feel the joy flowing from every moment of this beautiful experience!

Now, I would let this feeling to forever be! I want to live a long lasting life! Also to tell everybody that it is possible to be happy and joyful without harming and shortening your life. And I want to be a living proof of it. I also want to tell you from my experience that you have all that is needed to be happy in your life. Your true potential is always present! It is already there waiting to be introduced and to start to live from. You do not need to seek anymore - not the outside. But instead turn your attention within. My invitation to you is to connect this great source of energy and live from here. And for that daily practices and nourishment of your body and mind is needed.

As a coach I can help you to do that! I have understood that I am here to support others to achieve their heights and possibilities. I share what I know to the best of my knowledge. But to be honest, I feel like this is just the beginning. Warming up for the best to come yet!

My goal now is to extend my lifespan as much as possible. From how it feels like I can tell that I am on the right path of balancing my overall fitness , and yet still looking for ways to optimize it.

I came across biohacking when I enrolled to become a coach at Human Potential Institute, learnt directly from the father of biohacking - Dave Asprey. But till now never really explored this dimension - I mainly have been using life hacks only - for sleep, diet, exercising, work performance and of course mental and emotional fitness.

This is going to be changed now. I have started a partnership with a Do Not Age company whose mission is to extend a healthy lifespan for as many people as possible.

And I am fully signing up under it and I am super delighted with this endeavor and new chapter in my life!

Now, I have first heard from David Sinclair (professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, bestselling author of “Lifespan: Why We Age - And Why We Don't Have To”, that aging is a disease. I am very open and super curious about this statement. Thanks to DNA company now I have this opportunity to check this out!

Soon I will also be sharing some studies about the latest healthy lifespan discoveries - of course between other tips and strategies to enhance the quality of life.

Bear with me…

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