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Want to Feel Awesome? Do This First After Wake Up!

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

As Tony Robbins saying, the quality of life depends on the quality of questions we ask ourselves. Are we actually utilizing this strategy in our lives? Probably not, otherwise the coaching profession would not exist!

But that's OK, I am here always at your service!

There is something simple yet very profound I practice daily. To say how much it has impacted me is like saying nothing at all. It simply makes a huge difference in the way I approach every day.

And if you are suffering from depression or any fear based disorders (I remember still those days) I even more strongly suggest practicing it.

Let’s take a usual day pattern. In the morning, we are usually too busy preparing for work or kids to school, often running late as the result of staying up late the night before. This already creates a solid environment for being stressed out even before leaving home. And then this traffic on the way, and boom, everyone is our enemy, preventing us to be wherever we need to be on time!

How do you think you are going to show up at work? How are you going to perform that day? Is this going to bring desired outcomes? Maybe you are disappointed with your performance at work, maybe you have enough at this point and want this day to be over, dreaming only to chill and relax after coming back, what ending with staying up late again! And a vicious cycle is on.

There could be another pattern. What if instead of starting the day with the busy mind, after opening the eyes say “I offer this day to life! Life, what do you have me to do?”. Then, what is really important is not to go to the head to look for the answer. But take a deep breath and dive into your heart to let it speak for you!

It's OK if it does not come out immediately, it could be that it will appear on another day - still good. The best advice is to let go of any effort or trying (head talk), allow it to come through you freely (heart talk).

What this is actually doing is prioritizing the life within you. Do what is necessary and meet the needs of the present moment. Those actions that follow are not from your compulsions or reactions to others' agenda! They are designed by the one who you truly are! This particular one does not do harm to the self or others. It supports the essential body and mind needs so then they work for you in the optimal way!

Do not be surprised to find yourself starting to do very different things compared to your typical day. Who knows, maybe you will find yourself in bed early prioritizing your recovery after a very active day before and wake up well rested the next day and before even the alarm clock. Then maybe you exercise, go for a jog or walk, do any other activity you love to do which sets you up nicely and your nervous system for any challenges the day brings upon you. Who knows, maybe you will be in a much better position not only to be ready, but actually to “attack” your day. Then after coming back home still buzzing about how much you have achieved, maybe you would invest good quality time with your family or significant other and actually be with them from the heart and listen actively to what they have to say.

Well it does not have to be only hypothetical. I assure you, the way you feel will be very different! Again,do not just believe me - check it with yourself!

Happy Discoveries!!!

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