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Stuck in Life? Do Not Listen to This Program!

You Must See This!

The voice inside the head is just an old program talking! Every time I use this voice as a guide (it happens occasionally when I am tired) - I fall back to the old patterns which do not serve me, because this is what the mind already knows and knows only. The mind freaks out of the “new” because it does not know what is out there, hence it does not want to change!

Remember that the mind is driven by fear. It's very primal energy, instinct-like for one purpose - your survival.

Any change from a mind perspective always equals efforts - “have to’s” and hard work. Does not like to do it, wants to keep things the same. So will you!

Now my question is, if this is what you truly want in life? Let’s take under consideration something important before you answer. Life is nothing but change and to be one with nature one must flow. That’s why being stuck in life is not a way of nature. You just sense yourself as somewhat uncomfortable - obviously as there is something more for you to accomplish during this lifetime. But paradoxically this is what we feel - uncomfortable - when we leave our “comfort zone". The mind is playing tricks on us.

So what option do we have? Do not listen to the stories your mind is telling that limits you! The moment you see or hear it - you have a choice to believe it and use it as your guide (no change). Or just acknowledge it and despite it do what feels just right for you! That righteousness comes from your body and its center - the heart!

This is a wellspring of wisdom and your true power!

Once You Truly Experience That - You Will Never Go Back!

Why would you dis-empower yourself again? Your truth is from the heart! This place is also the antidote to all the mind games and the way to live fulfilled. Your heart never fears, it just knows what is right in every moment! And it does not know the effort. There is no hard work in its dictionary!

It's a much greater energy source for one reason - it's real! It overpowers the delusion of the mind. When you establish this connection, there is nothing you can be afraid of any more, there is nothing you cannot achieve.

If you want to thrive in life then just listen and follow your heart!

Happy Discoveries!!!

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