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Need to Change? Do This First!

Ready to Make Some Painting?

In order to make a change and to live fully, equally to your potential, the shift is needed. Shift in your mindset - what are you telling yourself about you?!

Let me assist you, if this is what you want to do!

Just pause for a moment and reflect. See yourself vividly and describe yourself. Even better if you write it down. What picture can you paint? What colours do you use or maybe it's just black and white? Is it sharp or blur? Warm or cold? Can you hear anything, what you are telling yourself or others are saying about you? Does that expand or contract you? How can you see yourself across different areas of life - professional and personal?

Now here is an important question, are you happy with the result which you see?

If yes, that is wonderful news!

If not, what needs to be done to make an impression upon you?

Here is another brilliant exercise I have learnt from Tony Robbins. The same way in every detail, picture now a 90 year old person (same sex as you). What can you see, just take a moment…

You may ask, what does this have to do with me?

Here is a thing, whatever you picture, it is more likely how you are going to be at that age!

So again, are you happy with what you can see? Is this how you want your picture to look?

Have you ever heard the saying “you will become what you think”? Or perhaps you have heard about the law of attraction, when the end result is really just an equation of the reflection from the mind and action steps one takes (or not) that follow?

You will paint a very different picture if you have a different vision!

You see, the mind is a very powerful tool but it can be very tricky too! We need to learn how to use it correctly so it works for us rather than against…

So we have to be very careful how we picture ourselves and what self-talk we use on a day to day basis. Only then we will take a different action which will ultimately impact the result - you simply cannot do the same over and over again to expect a different results!

So, knowing that, would you picture yourself differently? I leave this question open and please do share your insights in the comments.

Remember, the only limitation is your own mind! Make your paint a beautiful one!

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