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Here I Am At Your Service!

Have you ever thought that maybe what is happening to you is actually happening for you?

That includes all the bad and scary things you are trying to resist so much!

What if what is in the way is a calling from life to finally free yourself? What if that fear is just an illusion created by a conditioned mind, operating on the old program which does not serve you anymore. What if the stories you believe are out of date a long time ago? Why would you still want to listen to this? Haven’t you suffered enough already because of it until now. It is time to make a decision NOW if you do not want to spend more years suffering - remember life will continue unfolding with your active participation or without…

Speaking of life - you can either flow with it or resist it.

To flow is to be free from any withholding you might have, whatever you resist to - persist.

Of course, you are free to be bound and limited by the stories created in your mind, but you are also free to be free - which one is true for you?

If the latter, I have some great news for you!

I am super delighted to let you know that my first Freedom Coaching program is finally live. It is a genuine product of my life journey for which I am deeply grateful for! You can access it here

It all started with a big mess I stepped in over twenty years ago. Living life on the surface and self-medicating with drugs and alcohol has brought me to the point where I received the biggest lesson of my life. Very scared of my experience and my health loss and found myself in a very low state, depressed with low self esteem, very fearful of every new moment, anxious with endless panic attacks.

That lesson was an ultimate life calling for change.

I was scared but picked up that challenge - I am so glad I did it…

I stepped on the path of self healing naturally as modern medicine could not find answers to my suffering. Besides, I just did not feel like ending up in psychiatric hands or taking pills was an option for me!

I finally came to the conclusion that the cause and solution to all suffering is the one’s mind!

After over 20 years of self-study through observation and following the guidance of the great teachers on the planet that mess comes to the message. Remembering where it all started for me I want to address firstly my service for those who suffer the most from mental and emotional pain! Living in deep fear of tomorrow, having anxiety and panic disorders, being depressed with the current situation and hopeless for the better. Feeling no power to overcome obstacles in life, and constantly being under massive stress.

If you are the one, I have this message to you - You Do Not Need to Suffer Anymore!

There is a way to get you to the place of flow, freedom and fulfilment where you are in the driving seat of your life! I would love to introduce you to the 1 on 1 Freedom Coaching Program “From Suffering to Thriving - Your Emotional and Mental Fitness Blueprint” where I am going to guide you through your entire journey for your success! I am going to share with you my best strategies I have learnt from nearly half of my life which worked for me. This is the essence of over 20 years of my research squeezed into a 6 month fast track experiential program for you.

Please click the link if you want to get access to it here:

My heartfelt gratitude to martial art and meditation teachers and masters I met, especially GM Sam Chin and his beautiful art Martial Art of Awareness, the best kung fu ever seen on this planet of which I have become disciple and instructor, spiritual gurus: Sadghuru, Gangaji, Mooji for the eye opening teachings, Human Potential Institute for transforming me into life coach, and it founders Dave Asprey - for the art of bio-hacking and Dr Mark Atkinson, my mentor who have sparked and enroll me on this path of total liberation.

Last but not least, massive thanks to the best, most successful teachers in the knowledge industry ever - Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins, plus the whole Mastermind Team who help me finally define my message and wrap up my story into this final product.

This would not be possible without you! And there is much more to come thanks to you guys!!!

Separate space for gratitude to LIFE - for all the lessons, generosity with abundance of choices, infinite guidance from its wisdom - and simply for this beautiful experience!

Click below to get access to my coaching program. I can only host 25 people at the time. Act quickly if you want to be one of them!

This is one time offer at a low price!

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