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Hard To Make the Changes? Here is Why and How to Change It!

OK, let’s assume that you have noticed that you are not entirely happy where you are right now! You intuitively know that you should be further ahead by now. You have probably tried many times to change that, but it simply did not work. You always find yourself falling back where you used to be…

Well, there is a reason behind it, and something which after you know will hopefully help you to cut through the ties that hold you back.

Why Is It So Hard?

There is something on a psychological level why we do not like the change by default.

No wonder, we have invested our entire life to become who we are and now we do not want to let go of that, as if we are going to lose that which we are so much attached to.

And then still by not changing anything, we are expecting more, how come?

You might have heard by now Albert Einstein's definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?

In other words what has brought you here, won’t take you where you want to be. Period!

There is also a neurobiological aspect to it. When we do the same over and over again the brain gets stronger associated with it and more myelin is being produced around the nerves pathways. Myelin is made from fatty tissue and acts as a sheath around naked nerves - like insulation around electrical cables. The more we do something by repetition the more the coating is being layered down, the stronger the signal becomes. This later becomes a pattern or habit if you prefer. The same stimuli trigger particular behavior on and on again and we end up doing what we always do. Have you experienced that, like operating on autopilot? And this is actually how it best describes what is happening.

Brain and Habits

This ravenous organ takes up to 25% of the entire body's energy demands day and night. Brain is designed to work efficiently in a way that allows us to operate automatically, so we can free up our focus and attention on what is in front of us!

It’s constantly looking for patterns to make its jobs easier and to preserve energy by limiting consumption.

So we all will have habits no doubt - the only question is which one do you choose to have?

Habits is an automatic behavioral pattern usually repeated and unconscious. They take up a space of 40-50 % in our life and more. The more unconscious we are, the higher the percentage.

Most of us wake up in the morning and do what we do because we always do - with no single reflection.

This makes us humanoids rather than human beings when only reacting to the present moment. When unconscious, habits become our destiny!

Unless we take charge of them!

What to Do to Break the Pattern?

You can consciously choose more of those which work and less of those which do not. Or even replace the latter with new habits that serve us?

To start from, it is good to take a closer look into your daily habits, and then with honesty define which one does not serve you anymore and replace them with healthy habits and build it in sustainable fashion so it will move us towards the desired direction.

Often question yourself: Where am I right now? What I am doing right now, does it actually serve me? What is my true intention in this? What can I start doing right now that goes hand in hand with my purpose?

Power of The Heart

Changing something by willpower alone might not be enough. It's kind of a mind vs mind battle. That is why it is important to know your WHY and drop to your heart! This is where all conscious decisions are being born. This then becomes itself a driving force which will guide you through the moments of doubts as they inevitably come. Your heart will make you persist!

Train That Brain

Only then actions that follow will be aligned with your vision and you will be able to slowly build up habits that serve the purpose - step by step! Start small and repeat daily!

Again the more you do it, the greater chance it will become permanent.

And then the same myelination process in the brain which made you stuck in the past, will become your friend on the way to a brighter future.

Whatever it is that you set yourself from the heart - it’s possible!

Happy Discoveries <3


Human Potential Institute Notes

An Interesting Article to Learn More about Neuroplasticity and Myelin:

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