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Grace <3

I can say with 100% accuracy that we as beings seek for the same in life! It might vary in form and shapes, different names - aka. love, acceptance, meaning, respect, approval, connection, happiness but this all names are under the one - the grace!

Now, depending where you are at this point of the life journey, your environment, teachers and lessons you encountered - this all forms our belief system we follow on every day basis. Question we need to ask ourselves is whether those beliefs bring us closer to grace or moving away from it?

Even in extreme examples, what leads people to horrible things to others is the fact they are missing that grace connection, or something terrible happened in the past and they are now trying to shut this pain down by reacting out of compulsions which obviously does not fix anything but feeds that pain only more.

Same is with anger, envy. They are appearing out of lack of grace. Same with boredom, sadness, depression. What about fear and anxiety? It's all the same!!!

Even those “positive” states if one is really striving to pursue, it will never be a permanent one! As long as you feel that you miss something, there will be more “craving” for it that follows!

Hence of course this is not the way to be truly fulfilled!

As I understand now, grace has nothing to do with getting, achieving, or possessing neither. Not from the egoic mind point of you - which likes to have this comfort of having something exclusively. This all led me to one conclusion!

How about what we seek, is already within?

What You Are Looking for Is Who You Are!

Grace is already within you and to let it speak through you, healing is needed - you need to re-establish the connection with it. How? Through the process of letting go of any attachment and the one that thinks there must be some way to grasp it!

That means to move away from the head-based center to your heart-based center.

Face the unmet, work actively with the stuff within you which is clogging up your bodily system (you know what it is - it usually makes strange sounds in your head aka judgments, frustration, hint: whatever is raising your blood pressure just by a single thought).

Others, like healers, therapists, coaches indeed can help to facilitate this process!

But at the end, you are the one who has to discover and tap into that.

Remember that all you need is within you right now!

So give yourself permission to hear it and to follow it!

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