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Who Am I?

Have you ever asked yourself the question “Who am I?”

Let me tell you what I believe.

I believe that we are not what we think we are! We are much much more…

Let me explain.

The misconception comes simply from the wrong reference - your past experience stored in the mind and we believe that this is who we are!

But we are not the “memory stick” or stream of thoughts running through the head nor the mind! These are only one of many faculties we have but this is not even close to the truth who we are!

Otherwise we could be just called humanoid or “human thinking”, right?

But we are human beings!!! The answer is in the name - the being!

How many times per day are you staying connected to your true nature?

To simply just be in the depth of your existence with no single thought.

However you want to capture this with your mind only it would not be this!

Even more, the mind stands on the way to see the truth - as it only uses what it knows from the past. Hope that makes sense?

But what true and spectacular is right here in this very moment - the vastness and spaciousness we are - the consciousness itself - beyond any conceptual knowing!!!

This is purely an experiential phenomenon where even your own mind goes quiet.

And this is great news. Let it be forever!

You have access to it too and who knows, maybe you can even make it your preferred choice?

This is what I truly believe and that is why I want you to experience it!

Here is my commitment!

I invite you to join the Freedom Community - here. From now on every Monday at 6.30am BST I am going to stream live for 15 min Freedom Meditation (until further notice)

Do you want to find the answer? Join us!!!

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