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Say This Immediately When You Realize You Got Stuck in Mind!

Have You Ever Been Stuck in Your Head for Far too Long?

This one was one of my “favourite” practices in the past. I got stuck especially with those negative “minding” cycles. Not that I particularly liked this type of agenda going on and on in my head, but simply I did not know that time I had a choice…

Ongoing self-talk can lead to obsession.

And with my anxious conditions those days it created a self-destruction loop leading to panic!

I am not saying that everyone is going to have what I encountered. We are all different, the same stimuli can impact each of us in various ways or even in some cases wouldn’t bother at all.

But no matter how different we are, I want you to know that we all have a choice available in every given moment.

The Choice

So what option do we have? To indulge with self talking stuff or cut it down right there!

Well, now I would only understand the first option if this leads you to any logical solution, like for example problem solving or preparing better for future events - so please continue if this works for you.

But if this does not solve anything, then it will create a problem even bigger!

So why bother with this on-going nonsense?

Using me as an example, by reliving my past stories or worrying and focusing on what if this happens again, I processed this in my body as if it was actually happening! Something which was not there in front of me became real in my experience! In other words I was my own problem creator! I was asking for trouble big time! And troubles were coming as I wished for them!

Hope that makes sense.

What to Do to Stop this “Nonsense”?

If you like me and you want to be free from it then there is a simple solution.

Next time you will find yourself in this on-going destructive self-talk say loudly PAUSE and take deep breath in! Just drop right there and feel yourself for the moment or two as you continue to focus on breathing. With each outbreath release all tension more and more. You are most welcome to be that way as long as you please - and do enjoy this process!

This would be the sign that you break the loop. Then from that space you can choose to focus on what really matters for you!

Now you know you have a choice!

Let me know how it goes in the chat box below!

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Unknown member
May 24, 2023

I love your posts, man! But this one is a brilliant method, cleans your head immediately, when things start flooding out. Great pracice for life. Many thanks for teachings, and happy thoughts...


Unknown member
May 25, 2023
Replying to

Thanks do much for feedback! it really makes my day knowing that it works well for you too!

Excellent!!! You are very welcome:)

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