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How to Experience Flow of Life in Just 10 Seconds!

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Before we start, let me ask you something.

How Often Do You Experience Stress, Fear, Anxiety? When Was the Last Time You Act Peacefully and in a Cool Manner to Any Challenging Situation?

We live in a high demand world, constantly stressing ourselves in endless pursuit for achievements. Lack of time is our default system! In such conditions we miss something of huge importance - true connection with thyself where in the very core lies what matters most for us!

Is Our Attention Wrong?

Why don’t we pause for a second and ask the question - How do I feel right now? Do you like what you feel, you don’t like or you don’t know? Most importantly does the question trigger mental chatter inside of your head to convince you that you are at peace with yourself, or maybe there is pure stillness and no thinking? The answer will show where your knowledge comes from - your past or present experience. Also it would show your level of connection with yourself and the way you respond to self and others.

To move forward we need to understand the way we are! It is crucial to make a clear distinction here between our past experience and present experience as they directly relate with Ego and Flow - respectively!


EGO is a personal sense of self, our lifetime creation. It has been worshipped through accumulated knowledge over the years and what we see, we filter through its glasses. (no need to mention that our glasses are the best in the world!)

Those past experiences trigger our inner critic, self talk, storyteller, mental chatter - however you want to call it - to be in charge of us!

In other words, our response to whatever is happening is from the PAST!

Just be that for a second and see how it feels?

Are you resisting or flowing, feeling separated or connected, uncomfortable or comfortable?

Unfortunately we choose to be that way most of the time, which means we are completely unavailable to what is happening around us in every given moment. Even worse, we mistakenly believe that what we think is who we are!

In fact, every time we choose to act from the HEAD we interfere with NATURE by responding compulsively from our own stories. Dividing reality between what we like and what we don’t. We accept what feels good, and reject what doesn’t - pretending it doesn't exist. Slowly we become too scared to face what is in front of us! Eventually this way might make us feel separated, limiting, contracting, disempowering…

And of course our EGO believes that there is always someone or something else to blame for the way we feel!

So why to cultivate something which brings ultimately nothing more but suffering, fear, anxiety, stress, frustration - which in most cases leads to self-medication and to be “OK” just for a moment, before we get back to it and stuck again?

It doesn't need to be that way...

Would You Like to Cultivate Love, Stillness, Clarity, Inner-Peace, Joy Instead?

There is another way to be! You don’t need to react compulsively anymore. With a willingness and openness you will be able to discover a deeper dimension of yourself. If you do it right, it would be profoundly transformative for you.

So what would happen if we detach from EGO, drop from the HEAD and rest in the BODY instead?

It's a very safe and empowering way to experience who we truly are!

What if I told you you are only 10 SECONDS away to experience FLOW of LIFE!

Are you ready to do this experiment NOW?

3 Steps to Experience the FLOW!

The key is to feel it, experience it and not to think about it. Just rest in the moment.

Being PRESENT is unmistakable - you will feel expanded and very peaceful (please check it for yourself). Every time you back in the HEAD you shut the door to your direct experience. So if you are thinking "Am I PRESENT?", the answer is unfortunately YOU ARE NOT - pretty straightforward! Use it as an indicator.

But again, don’t think about it, let it be - be with a FLOW.

1. Whatever you do, pause for a moment and take a deep breath

2. Rest in the moment and FLOW with your breath. Let your breath guide you towards your lower belly. Very natural and soft. It's like positioning mind in the centre of the body.

3. Smile to your experience (regardless what is your experience) and allow the smile to expand. Notice the connection to the source of STILLNESS. Any time distraction comes, repeat the process.

When you are done, you can always reflect and compare it with our default system and the way we normally react. Can you feel the difference?

Can you imagine being able to respond ALWAYS from the state of FLOW?

It’s Possible to Live from FLOW!

My invitation for you is to use this method in every situation and as many times as you like.

- It will become easier with practise (practise, practise and practise is the key!). Next time you will face a challenge - you have a choice.

- Remember that the whole process is by allowing. The more you allow yourself to experience it openly the easier it will become.

- Be gentle to yourself whenever you get stuck. And if the “storyteller” comes - just smile to it, and repeat the process if necessary.

This practise alone will help you to survive every stressful situation and put your mental health and overall wellbeing into the right spot.

The Most Challenging Part Is to Remember to Use It When We Need the Most!

The better we maintain the FLOW if our ENERGY is high, so it's very important to keep its sufficient levels throughout the day.

That topic I will be covering in future, so just if you don’t want to miss it please subscribe to my page!

Till then Many Happy Journeys!!!

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