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Freedom Coaching - What is it?

Freedom Coaching is an advanced approach to coaching that cultivates consciousness and focuses on the development of human beings to their full potential - to live from Flow, Freedom and Fulfilment!

It’s grounded in Tao and Zen core principles of Non-Resistance, Constant Balance, and Oneness in the Present Moment!

How does it work?

As we can learn from the martial art Zhong Xin Dao/I Liq Chuan in partner training, there are only two ways to respond on the touch without breaking the engagement - RESIST or FLOW.

Same principle applies to every LIFE situation!

Resistance shows up as tension and stress in the body as a consequence of lost attention from within towards external events. As it happens, we fall into our past experience and accumulated knowledge trying to find within memory stored resources a solution to respond to the occurring situation. But this moment of escape “to the head” is nothing more than just being offline and no longer available to the present moment!

In other words in every challenging situation we will react compulsively rather than act in a balanced and calm manner towards it, resulting in usually an outcome which does not feel right in the body. Unfortunately in the state of aroused reaction it is hard to discover that.

In addition to that later we might even get stuck in the loop and still be thinking about what happened or arguing with it inside the head, 're-writing' the scenario and then 're-living' it again - what creates only more delusion and most likely additional tension too.

Now imagine what happens if the resistance becomes your default way of meeting whatever comes your way? How much stress and high volume of withheld emotions could it bring over a lifetime, which then you carry on a day to day basis in your bodily system?

As you reflect on this, the picture of life which appears does not look beautiful at all, does it? And can assure you, it's not a healthy way to live too, for you as well as for those around you!

I do not wish that for anybody!

Being offline is directly linked with EGO - a personal sense of self. In other words, being in sync with the one who sees the world through ‘likes and dislikes’ glasses will be likely an unconscious choice…

The Flow state for that matter is quite the opposite and it's a much more respectful way to be towards your own body and mind! The FLOW - quoting after Grandmaster Sam Chin, means not to resist and not backing off to any situation! The skill requires constant balancing in the moment with ever changing conditions. For that we need to stay tuned with our direct experience ‘here and now’, thanks to our sense organs. The key is to constantly maintain that attention to what is happening inside of us in every given moment.

In Freedom Coaching, a coach supports the client during live calls to reconnect to the present moment in order to restore the FLOW in one’s body/mind system. When fully engaged with direct experience, we are able to track blockages (aka. trapped emotions) from within and after several sessions to process them successfully and ultimately become free from the PAST conditioning.

This then creates the space to emerge from within something of a true beauty - our deep values and that what matters most for us!

How about living from this state and embracing openly everything that life is offering to you?

The Flow state is an empowered way to be and feel alive! It's giving you an option to live, love and to share the duration of your time on this planet with others consciously from integrity!

It's simply a healthier, happier and more graceful way to be.

Ultimately the Freedom Coaching process can lead you to the total liberation from the egoic mind and establishing your connection with True Self instead!

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