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Do This Powerful Practice Whenever Fall Back!

Falling Back?

How does it make you feel? Are you beating yourself up because of it?

Yes, it does not feel great at all besides it just does not work. There is much better practice you can do when this happens again!

I need to tell you something! I had a setback early this week. I am not perfect in any sense and occasionally I do switch back to my old patterns - when I am tired. That is my trigger, and when there is a recognition of it, this can be changed. And I am willing to do that!

But if I fall back, I have learnt to treat it not as failure but feedback and feedback only. To acknowledge, learn from it and move on. I have stopped making “dramas” around it!

Now I understand now that it can be a challenge - I remember those days clearly. In those moments the mind was not my friend. It actually worked against me! Well, it was a troublemaker in the first place which led me to switch to certain behaviors out of compulsion, then in the next moment or day it made a story around how worthless I am and at the end made me believe in it!

It Is Not Your Fault

I want you to know that you cannot change what has happened already. There is no reason to suffer and beat yourself for even a split second. I want you to understand that this is just an old pattern arising - that’s all. And hear me on this - this is not your fault.

This is how the mind works, fueled by the brain constantly looking for patterns. This very ravenous organ requires up to 25% of the entire body energy supplies - day and night! Thus for the sake of energy preservation it is wired to fire with the same reactions after certain triggers occur. It is like being on autopilot without the willpower anymore as it is switching to easy well known pathways - especially in those moments of tiredness.

Hence the importance of right balancing for optimizing energy levels throughout the day to make that mind and brain working for you! I will get back to this later!

I Love You - I Am Sorry - Please Forgive Me -Thank You

Life's not about perfection but progress. In that process of change - there will be setbacks! But if that change is seated deeply in your heart, there will be less and less of them as you begin to realize more and more the unhelpful patterns and replace them with new ones on your path. So instead of beating yourself up, shift your focus and energy back on what can be beneficial for you! Like for example using each setback as a lesson - to investigate how it happened and what to do next time to improve. And get back on track as soon as possible!

But let’s not forget about taking great self-care in those moments too!

At the heart of this practice is to love thyself no matter what. And forgiveness is one of the spectrum of that! Here is something I love to share which might help you along this process that works for me every time.

Have you heard about the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono Mantra?

Here is what I do.

I hug myself and say “I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you!”

Let me know how this works for you?

Happy Discoveries <3

In addition when you subscribe to my page you will receive my formula for right balancing and energy optimization in a series of emails. Thanks

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