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Become Kung Fu Teacher in 12 Months!!!

Create Thriving Business with my Fast Track Kung Fu Teacher Training!

        Your Teacher and The Art!

Warm welcome to my course! My name is Irek Zareba, I am kung fu instructor with 20 years experience in internal martial arts. Last decade I have been studying and teaching exclusively art called Zhong Xin Dao/I Liq Chuan as 2nd generation disciple. This unique art was founded by Grandmaster Sam Chin - professor emeritus, who is constantly refining and deepening the understanding of the Nature. His ultimate vision is to openly "share the highest skill without diluting or diminishing the quality of transmission" unlike to other combat traditions where high martial skills were carefully guarded!

Zhong Xin Dao ILC - the art of Zen & Tao, is a revolutionary martial approach and 'biomechanical-hack' for effortless body movement under the pressure! Here you will learn to see directly and understand the principles behind the movement, instead of just copying or imitating technics. Through the observation with right attention you will be able to apply this principles successfully to all kind of actions and motions, all martial arts or any situation in your life! 















        Your Course Overview:

  • 12 months training, consists of two 7 days in-person retreats at 6 months intervals, the remaining training will take place via video conferencing.

  • The focus of the course will be me supporting you in becoming licenced ZXD/ILC Instructor trained up to sufficient knowledge, skillset and tools to be ready to open and run your own school/deliver workshops and other programs at your place.

  • Included in the training is my personal support and mentoring as you teach others and my support and guidance in creating business around your offering.
















        Your Bonus!

Additionally I will teach you Freedom Meditation and Qi Gong, which will enrich you as a person and your package for your future students and clients.

As a teacher and a guide I will ensure you emerge from this training with confidence, experience, connection and clarity to be skilled and professional instructor.















        Your Benefits:

  • Becoming certified instructor upon successful graduation within a year, learning directly from Grandmaster Sam Chin disciple and under clear guidance of the founder. 

  • By the time you graduate and emerge you will know how to live and access from higher functional states of freedom and flow.

  • Knowing how to develop business around your offerings around this unique kung fu and be supported in promoting your business.

  • Being a part of contemporary awareness based martial art and forever growing community of practitioners who are here to make a significant contribution to the world!

  • Paralleled inner-transformation growth, reaching beyond physical and mental discipline of kung fu to cultivate consciousness for non-resistance, balance, readiness for any challenges in life.

  • Mastering yourself to build up sensitivity and understand bio-mechanics of natural movement, learning the way of being and feeling your best. Taking your awareness and sense of well-being on whole another level.
















        Your Training:

  • Ten, one-to-one mentoring calls with me.

  • Ten monthly web seminars with Q&A.

  • Four modules (consist of respectively student levels: 1,2 & 3 plus instructor level 1) covering theory (philosophy, concepts and principles) and practise (solo training and applications).

  • Two 7-days intensives training plus grading: Poland, July 2021 (exams for students level 1&2), UK January 2022 (exams for students level 3 & instructor level 1).

  • Weekly calls with your learning partners.

  • Daily practises.

  • After successful completion, listing you as certified instructor and your school on official GM Sam Chin website.

  • Unlimited email support from me.

        Your Investment:

  • The early bird price is £5000 GBP (before November the 31st 2020). This can be paid either as one-off payment or eleven-monthly payments of £500 GBP.

  • After Nov 31st, the regular price is £6000 GBP.



Please note that space is limited!


Curious? The next step is to set up a call with me - I would love to speak with you!

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